Market Sectors

Being on the verge of a new photonics era, all of us will soon start to experience and enjoy the full benefits of this technology.

Photonics, being the science and technology of light, has already transformed the way we live our life over the last few years. Through the ability to generate, direct and manipulate light, all of us already experience this technology in our everyday life; from the use of lasers and fiber optics in a wide range of market sectors to the lighting in our cars, computer screens and TVs are just a few examples.

Lumoscribe helps companies to solve their business challenges through custom-built innovative advancement solutions, turnkey application approaches and the availability of specialized high-tech products. Currently, Lumoscribe can service a vast number of businesses of any background and market sectors.

Market Sectors by Industry

Explore aerospace, automotive, healthcare, energy, telecommunications, and more. Our solutions drive safety, efficiency, and innovation.


Market Sectors by Technology

From structural health monitoring to robotic perception, our technology powers diverse industries with precision and reliability.


Market Sectors by Everyday Life Applications

Discover how optical sensing is integrated into everyday life, enhancing convenience, comfort, and well-being. Make a positive impact on our daily lives.