Our Products

Discover our diverse range of cutting-edge optical sensing solutions, meticulously designed and engineered to meet the highest industry standards.

Physical Sensors


FBG sensors

Point sensors, developed along differenttypes of fibers according to the application.

FBG Packaged Sensors

FBG sensors packaged in appropriate design to measure indirectly other quantities.

FBG Monitoring Devices

The equipment used to recover and analyze the optical signal coming from the FBG sensors.

Fiber Lasers


midIR Fiber Lasers

Compact lasers emitting mid-infrared light; suitable for spectroscopy, medical applications, and defense industries.

midIR Fiber Laser Components

Optical elements designed for mid-infrared wavelengths; used in fiber lasers and sensing applications for diverse industries.

Chemical Sensors



The FOxSense™ fiber optic oxygen sensor system is used for remote oxygen measurements. It can be also tailored to measure other chemical parameters such as chlorophyll, toxins, pH etc.


Advanced fiber-optic sensors for precise electric field measurements; used in power systems and high-voltage applications for accurate monitoring.