Photonics Research Center (PRC)

The Lumoscribe Photonics Research Center’s primary goal is to facilitate research in the field of Photonics and more particularly in the area of optical fiber sensing solutions through strategic partnerships with photonics institutions around the world.

PRC is the first specialized Photonics Research Center in Cyprus which aims in bringing together photonics scientists (research scientists, postdoctoral scholars, and graduate students) to conduct research and develop innovative solutions in the fields of lasers, optics, quantum information, telecommunications, and many more.

Much of the photonics research takes place at the Laboratory of Lumoscribe – an independent research laboratory – where scientists from physics, electrical engineering, mechanical engineering, and other scientific fields can engage in research activities that range across the broad range of photonics.

The Photonics Research Center is operated and administered by Dr. Antreas Theodosiou, the founder and CEO of Lumoscribe Ltd. Dr. Theodosiou’s extensive experience in the field of Research and Development and his vision to create a world-leading Photonics Organization has led him to the create this innovative and pioneering PRC where scientists, entrepreneurs, and academics can come together and create the future.

PRC’s tasks are divided into four specialized areas:

Research & Development

PRC offers Research & Development services for national and international projects through collaboration with Universities and Research Centers where great ideas are converted into high-tech great products.

The R&D targets companies that aim in taking their businesses to the next level through optical fiber sensing technologies. Photonics and optical fiber sensors are key enablers for innovation in different domains, such as biomedical, structural health monitoring, agriculture, lasers, communications, and many more.

Deep-tech Innovation Hub

The PRC deep-tech innovation hub mainly fosters the development and growth of deep-tech startups and innovations that aim in creating significant advancements and disruptions in various industries through technologies that are based on scientific or technological breakthroughs. Lumoscribe wants to play an important role in nurturing and accelerating the growth of these deep-tech startups by bridging the gap between scientific research and market-ready solutions.

The Center’s Innovation Hub serves as a platform that brings together entrepreneurs, researchers, investors, and industry experts to support the creation, validation, and commercialization of deep-tech ideas and projects by offering its physical Lab space and equipment.

The Hub’s long-term goal is to foster a vibrant community of like-minded startups, individuals, and experts creating opportunities for collaboration, knowledge sharing, networking, and partnerships.

Consulting Services

Every innovative idea needs financial comfort in order to become real and thrive. PRC offers consulting services that help deep-tech startups identify which funding schemes are appropriate for them, how to attract funds, and how to prepare effective proposals. Furthermore, PRC will assist startups to connect with potential investors, venture capitalists, and government funding programs that are interested in supporting innovative technologies.

Furthermore, PRC offers Business Support and Coaching in approaching industry experts who can provide guidance on various aspects of starting and scaling a deep-tech venture, including business strategy, market analysis, intellectual property and regulatory compliance.

Design & Prototyping

Lumoscribe’s core technology is based, but not limited to, on optical point sensors called fiber Bragg gratings (FBGs). To meet any industry requirements, Lumoscribe provides a wide range of designing and prototyping a wide range of sensors, interrogators, and complete sensing solutions.

PRC can help companies and individuals to prototype their ideas and increase their technology readiness level (TRL) up to level 6.