Agriculture & Food


Small farmers produce most of the food people eat; approximately 80 percent in much of the developing world. They do this on a fraction of the land, using a fraction of the resources compared with large-scale agriculture and food corporations. Decades of research show that the way forward is agroecology, the way of farming that produces healthy food, builds healthy soil, and fosters healthy communities.

Photonics optical fiber sensors are considered key-enabling components for smart-farming applications. Optical components are helping to detect plant diseases, treat pests, collect data, and protect wildlife from heavy machinery use—as farmers shift to science-based procedures to maximize yield and profit and minimize harm to the environment.

If you are a small farmer seeking to take your entrepreneurship to the next level, Lumoscribe is your ideal partner.  Lumoscribe can support you in applying the Agriculture 4.0 philosophy putting a greater focus on precision agriculture. Lumoscribe solutions are involved in all the phases of farming cycle, soil preparation, sowing, irrigation, fertilisers, and harvesting using continues data from the photonic sensing elements.

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