Advanced Imaging using Polymer Endoscopic Probes (POLYMEROSCOPY)


The POLYMEROSCOPY project is about a new type of technology being developed for endoscopes, tools used in medical procedures to look inside the body. Traditional endoscopes use a certain kind of fiber (single-mode). However, this project is using a different kind (multimode fibers) that can be smaller and still give very clear images. These multimode fibers are thin and can carry many different light patterns, making them great for creating small, high-resolution endoscopes.
However, some challenges still exist, like making the technology faster and more flexible before it can be widely used. For safety, these fibers are currently used in rigid needles to prevent injuries if they break. Making them more flexible will help them be used for more delicate and complex medical procedures.

Our Photonics Research Center (PRC) leads the project, which aims to develop this technology to a more advanced stage, TRL 3.

“This work was funded by the Research and Innovation Foundation (Project: CULTURE / AWARD-YR / 0421B/0004)”

Lumoscribe’s PRC is the host organization, and the principal investor for the whole project is our director, Dr. Antreas Theodosiou.

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