Redondo Optics


Redondo Optics Inc. is a US based fiber optic sensing company specialized in the development and production of physical, chemical, and biological sensor systems based on the use of its proprietary photonic integrated circuit (PIC) microchip platform for use in applications where, weight, size, power, and cost are critical for operation. Redondo Optics Inc.’s product lines include: 1) passive and dynamic fiber Bragg grating sensor interrogators, 2) opto-MEMS sensors for pressure, acceleration, vector sensors and hydrophones,3) multi-channel intensity ratio-metric interrogation systems, 4) fluorescence lifetime (phase) detection systems, 5) fiber optic fluorescence sensors (O2, CO2, H2, VOCs, T, P, pH, RH), 6) distributed fiber optic chemical sensing and fuel leak detection systems, and 7) micro- and nanofluidic biochips for biological analysis.

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